The Baikal meetings club



Baikal in the Winter is the deepest, cleanest, most transparent, unique in its fauna diversity lake looking like some kind of a sea! Till now scientists have been disputing about the origin of this nature riddle. You have a chance to savor a few moments following the 25,000,000 years which this Siberian miracle has lived.

A travel to Baikal is a possibility to see fantastic nature creations, to get pleasant memories about successful fishing, exotic motor boat voyages, gripping mountain and forest path walking when wild animals' life can be observed with Your own eyes. Accompanied by the club's experienced guides You may mount to the Seaside ridge's (Primorskii hrebet) rocks and caverns with a magnificent view unfolding over Baikal from there.


If You visit Baikal in winter You will find yourself in a real winter fairly-tale where ice hummocks are iridescent brilliantly. It is high time for the Baikal absorbing skiing and ice-yacht trips. Fishing-lovers will be interested in the under the ice omul and grayling fishing.

The Baikal meetings club includes the Baikal health school managed by Doctor of Biological Science Maksimov Vyacheslav Nikiforovich. The school program consists of the following elements: the general healthy rendering; the prophylaxis and treatment of the respiratory tract, bone, heart diseases, etc. One of the chief working principle of the school lies in absolutely avoiding any medicinal treatment.

The Russian bath is an indispensable Siberian rest attribute. At Baikal this procedure tends to be a ceremony. The Russian bath and the Baikal water with their unique curative features will make You healthy, full of the life power.

The Baikal meetings club is to help You organize both Your rest and any conferences, business meetings, various delegation reception at Baikal.

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